Epic HiLite Special Effects

Epic HiLite Special Effects

When you need something different, Epic HiLite provides the technology to create it – giving you special effects that enhance your print in ways never seen before. Discover Sensory offers unusual finishes, both visual and tactile. Explore Colour+ uses LED technology to introduce you to a whole new world of colour. Reveal InlineXtra brings you a wide choice of varnishes, cost-effectively. And Imagine Special FX gives you a huge range of metallised effects.

Discover Sensory

Enhancing the printed surface for greater impact in both look and feel.

We combine the most advanced ink-jet technology with a traditional approach to building effects on the printed page. For example, if you want a high-gloss finish so high it’s like glass, we use the market-leading Scodix process to apply a specialist polymer coating. And if embossing, debossing, stamping or die cutting will make the difference for your project, our automated Kama Procut system is supported by our tried and trusted Kluge presses bring exceptional results.

Discover Sensory Effect Discover Sensory Effect
Discover Sensory Effect Discover Sensory Effect Discover Sensory Effect

Explore Colour+

Creating powerful colour through special inks and the latest LED technology.

The secret is in the instant drying this process allows. The ink stays exactly where you want it, no matter how much colour it’s holding. Also, LED doesn’t use heat, so the substrate remains flat and odour-free. White ink is significant in this process, letting us use solid colour boards, including black, to achieve both intense and subtle tones.

Explore Colour+ Discover Sensory Effect
Explore Colour+ Explore Colour+ Explore Colour+

Reveal InlineXtra

New technology for both our digital and offset sheets provides the chance to really enhance your printed imagery without the need for offline dies and set ups; all produced in perfect print register.

Turn your standard colour palette into a rainbow of metallic lustre with the potency of silver underpin. Neon and white inks, as well as special varnishes can also be added to the mix to achieve amazing visual results ranging from subtle to glitzy. Make it tactile with soft touch inline varnish. Whatever the choice, perfect register is guaranteed and there’s no need for time-consuming, costly off-line processes.

Reveal InlineXtra Discover Sensory Effect
Reveal InlineXtra Reveal InlineXtra Reveal InlineXtra

Imagine Special FX

Printing over laminates to give you metallised effects with a range of substrates.

When you can place your imagery over silver, gold, textured or holographic substrates, the creative opportunities are endless. Using white or black inks for their opacity, you can achieve amazing results, even with CMYK. Create flat foil effects without the need for blocks, and superb gold and silver finishes – all viable in short runs.

Imagine Special FX Discover Sensory Effect
Imagine Special FX Imagine Special FX Imagine Special FX