Epic Notes

Stylish stationery for your brand. Made locally, from sustainably sourced materials.

Epic Notes is our new promotional range for eco-conscious brands.

Beautifully designed notebooks, diaries, calendars and more that powerfully tell your brand story.

Whether you need stationery to engage your employees, win prospects, or delight customers – we’ll help you craft the most eco-friendly product for your business.

Align your print marketing with your brand’s sustainable mission, with Epic Notes.

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Drawing on our expertise in premium paper products, we’ve selected some of the highest quality papers available from sustainable sources.

From the colourful and sleek; to natural-looking, flecked textures. You can choose from diverse papers made using post-consumer or post-industrial waste, and repurposed materials. Our popular Coffee Notes stationery which is made from upcycled takeaway coffee cups, is also available.

We’re passionate about sustainability and take pride in advising you on ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your project.

We offer a variety of products, including:

Your promotional items can be personalised, customised, and enhanced with special effects. We’ll help you craft the perfect product for your brand, whatever your budget or requirements.

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