We’re a certified Carbon Balanced Printer

To coincide with the COP26 world leaders summit to tackle climate change we're pleased to announce we're a Carbon Balanced Printer, joining only a handful of printers in the UK.

The Carbon Balanced Paper scheme is run by the international conservation charity the World Land Trust. The scheme is a simple yet effective way for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

The certification marks a crucial next step in our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

In our first year we’ve protected 3.8 acres of critically threatened tropical forest, by balancing the equivalent of 58.2 tonnes of CO2.

Carbon Balanced Paper factographic

Carbon Balanced Paper factographic

The process requires measuring our carbon footprint, taking steps to reduce it, and making an annual donation which goes directly to supporting the charity’s projects.

Forest protection and conservation projects play a crucial role in combating deforestation which is a key contributor to climate change. This is because forests absorb vast amounts of harmful CO2 particles.

Sir David Attenborough, patron of the World Land Trust says:

“The money that is given to The World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of”

Since the programme began in 2005, more than 610,000 tonnes of carbon have been offset through projects. This represents over 2.5 million of conservation funding.

Read more about their projects here.

What does this mean for clients?

You can add the official Carbon Balanced Printer logo to your print. Also, marketing materials are available for sharing the news with your customers.

But it’s about more than just logos.

Ultimately, you can feel confident knowing your partner for print is resolved to take action; to find ways to operate more sustainably.

Interested to know how your brand can get involved with carbon balancing?

Get in touch to discuss how to off-set the carbon emissions of your individual print projects with the Carbon Balanced Paper scheme.