Growing Success

Welcome to this special page for all you growers, where we will be dispensing copious advice and inspiration to help ensure your seeds turn into blooming successes.

Don’t be a wallflower, show us your success…

Why not go the extra mile – or at least the extra foot – and share your creative side by sending in photos, paintings or any home craft that represents how your blooms are progressing.

We will be awarding prizes for the best, brightest and biggest blooms. Email your submissions to

We hope you have received your seeds safely and that they will enable you to grow happy, if you have any questions please contact our head of growth at:

Please keep revisiting this page to catch up on the latest tips and to view what competition you’re up against.

Don’t be a wallflower, show us your success by sending in your photos or illustrations to:

Each week we will be featuring:

Compost Corner
Tips and advice on how to fast track growth and nurture effective blooms, as well as Q&A’s to problem solve any challenges. For example, growing your seeds indoors and constantly watering them for the first week or two will give them a head start.

Thinking Blooms
Thoughts and musings on the wonders of planting, place, priceless care and promoting growth.

Grower of the Week
Keep a regular check on the competition and see if you have won a place in our wall of fame.